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A Little Piece of England

A Tale of Self-Sufficiency

It began back in 1979 with a bucket of nuts and a herring net. Not to mention goats in the Mini!

Now considered a classic of countryside literature, John Jackson's A Little Piece of England will celebrate its 35th year in print with the release of a special hardback edition.

This entertaining tale is brought to life by John's vivid voice and by Val Biro's charming pen and ink illustrations of the farm and animals done in the great tradition of English wood engravers like Bewick and Bickham.



Tales for Great Grandchildren

A turtle is full of tall tales but can this flamboyant fellow really fly? What happens when a brave rabbit takes on a herd of elephants? The animals of the forest are running for their lives, but is this the end of the world?

Master storyteller John Jackson invites you to visit a magical world of beautiful princesses and man-eating ogres, of elephants that talk and turtles that fly.

Tales for Great Grandchildren is a wonderful collection of folk and fairy tales from India and Nepal that will delight children of all ages.


'SPECTACULAR' The Guardian

Brahma Dreaming

Legends from Hindu Mythology

Brahma Dreaming is master storyteller John Jackson's latest collaboration with the acclaimed artist, Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

John's intriguing versions of the tales of the Hindus' great gods are graced by Daniela's brilliantly reimagined illustrations of the deities. Each a masterpiece of detail and drama, reminiscent of Dulac and Rackham, and the glorious 'Golden Age.'

Brahma Dreaming is also available as an enhanced iBook.


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