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Are kids the prettiest baby farmyard animals?-blog

Are kids the prettiest baby farmyard animals?

There's some fierce competition but kids get my vote for sweetest farmyard animal

Posted on: 16th December 2014

As the Winter solstice draws near, I begin to look forward (somewhat impatiently) to the longer, warmer days of Spring.  On our smallholding, Spring was a time to welcome 'new arrivals' of all shapes and sizes and to enjoy the simple pleasure they brought to our family.

Baby animals are incredibly appealing. It's a neat evolutionary trick that encourages the protective instincts of those who care for them.  Jersey calves, for example, are particularly beautiful. Their enormous eyelashes make them much closer to deer in appearance than cattle. We also reared plenty of chicks – like Golden pheasant chicks with their mottled, camouflage markings, who would freeze at the command of their watchful mother.

Kids are among the most beautiful of baby animals, with their innocent little faces, pink noses and lovely blue eyes. Our kids were wobbly on their legs for a day or two, but soon gained strength and began to prance about playing ‘giddy-goat’ games.  It was when I saw one of our kids, Fancy, running back and forth with her mother Snowy on one moonlit night. From time to time they would leap and twist in mid-air, milk white in the moonbeams. It was then that I understood the true meaning of the word “capering”.

What do you think are the prettiest baby farmyard animals?

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