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Birling Peeps - the mallard who became a member of the family-blog

Birling Peeps - the mallard who became a member of the family

Sue found a mallard duckling on a school nature walk

Posted on: 30th July 2014

Birling Peeps was a mallard duckling whom Sue found on a school nature walk. He was wandering along a path with no sign of a mother or siblings. Our new friend was named after the place he was found and the noise he made.

When Birling Peeps arrived home in Sue’s satchel he can’t have been much more than a day old. He lived initially in a hamster cage placed next to the Aga in our kitchen. He enjoyed spinning around in the wheel, peeping with excitement and occasionally stopping to be whirled around by his own momentum.

Later, Birling Peeps moved to the Dirt Lock and soon he was a handsome drake. He was an excellent timekeeper and at 4pm (or 3pm in winter) he would beat on the door with his beak, demanding the handful or corn that he was given for tea.

Birling Peeps regarded himself as a full member of the family, and we never attempted to return him to the wild.

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