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Time for some ‘warm morality’

Communities protecting themselves

I was struck by a remark made by Danny Kruger today. Writing in the Financial Times about the recent horrors in London and other large cities, he says "We have substituted the sterile processes of the public sector for the warm morality of living communities."

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Time for some ‘warm morality’- blog

Sending your livestock to slaughter

Killing your own meat

Raising your animals for meat requires a small dose of practicality, and it does get easier with time.

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Sending your livestock to slaughter- blog

Plants don’t respect your holiday plans

Freedom, organisation and rewards

Growing ones own food – a key part of being self-sufficient – is very satisfying. It feels so ‘right’. And it is. But, as my family and I found out, it is ‘rightness’ that comes at a price.

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Plants don’t respect your holiday plans- blog