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Creativity is a universal impulse-blog

Creativity is a universal impulse

I think that most, if not all people, are able to be creative

Posted on: 27th February 2012

At last night's Oscars, many creative people were rewarded for their hard work.  Hollywood is famous for its glitz and glamour.  But I think that most of us have got in us somewhere a creative impulse, even if we express it in more humble ways.

I have long believed that the best route to contentment – once our basic needs are satisfied – is to find a way of expressing one's creativity.  I enjoy writing, and I enjoy appreciating the writing and illustrations of other people.  But we can be creative in all sorts of different ways. 

The woman in the north of India weaving a basket is expressing her creativity no more or less than the entrepreneur in the UK starting a new business.  What’s important is that we find a way. 

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