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Events in Paris-blog

Events in Paris

Posted on: 12th January 2015

My experience of homesteading taught me that living self-sufficiently is as much a matter of philosophy as economy.  It is an expression of independence and of personal freedom.   Without freedom, ‘self-sufficiency’ is an empty phrase: there is insufficient opportunity to give it life. 

As I have written in previous blogs, self-sufficiency encourages independence rather than isolation.  Like all personal freedoms, self-sufficiency thrives when it is embedded in a community that is committed to nurturing and defending it. One of the most rewarding elements of my time on The Ridge was the privilege of being part of a strong and thriving community which valued the freedom of others and which bonded together to secure and protect that freedom. 

The Unity Marches which took place across France yesterday were a vivid demonstration of the power of collective action as a means of protecting personal freedom.   The march was not a ‘cure all’.  Deadly threats to the principle of Free Speech remain and the horrific cost of choosing to speak freely must inevitably act as a terrifying deterrent to all but the most courageous.  However, the people of France have demonstrated a steely resolve to nurture and defend this freedom and that, amongst the sadness and fear, is cause for hope.

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