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My own small act of cultural preservation-blog

My own small act of cultural preservation

I have always 'twitched' when I have heard of threatened cultural destruction

Posted on: 8th February 2012

Humankind has a great capacity to develop culture and a great capacity to destroy it. 

I have always 'twitched' when I have heard of threatened cultural destruction. That is why, over 30 years ago, I encouraged friends to join me in 'rescuing' the popular history magazine History Today. It seemed to me that the decision to close it down was wrong and unnecessary.  I am pleased that the rescue succeeded and the magazine is prospering. 

Although presently privately owned it is, for most purposes, run as a co-operative. In due course it will be controlled by a trust dedicated to the preservation of the publication.  
This was my own small act of cultural preservation.  Looking at the bigger picture, I think that the internet and digital technology mean that it is now going to be much easier to create a great cultural store that is virtually indestructible.

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