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The pleasure of independent bookstores-blog

The pleasure of independent bookstores

The Golden Treasury bookshop in Wandsworth is stocking Tales for Great Grandchildren

Posted on: 27th November 2012

I’m thrilled that the Golden Treasury, the beautiful children’s bookstore in Wandsworth, is now stocking the hardback edition of ‘Tales for Great Grandchildren’ – and even more thrilled that they have included the book in their window display!

As we are a new publisher, our books are still not known by a lot of people. I hope that the lovely display will introduce more people to the tales I have included in the book.

For me, the strength of an independent bookstore is that you can walk in there and be enchanted by something that you had no idea even existed before. When we buy online, often books are recommended to use based on past purchases, or on our search histories. This can be very helpful – but sometimes we don’t want something like what we have had before. We want to be introduced to something completely new.

As digital publishers, we are of course dependent on huge global companies like Apple and Amazon to sell our products. But while we acknowledge the importance of these, it’s a shame that the growth of digital publishing is threatening the existence of independent stores – and even the big chain stores.

For example, the popular children’s bookshop in New York City, Books of Wonder, is currently seeking funding for refurbishments and renewal.

Bookshops are crucial to authors, publishers and readers. It is hard to recreate online the combination of expertise, comfort and community that you find in a good independent bookstore. That’s why, despite my enthusiasm for the internet and the digital world, I remain convinced of the importance of these shops – and I believe it is essential that they continue to thrive in the digital age. 

The Golden Treasury has been open for 15 years and is now the biggest children’s bookstore in London. Long may its success continue!

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