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The soundtrack to our smallholding-blog

The soundtrack to our smallholding

Songs can stick in your mind and have the power to transport you right back to a particular time and place many years ago.

Posted on: 3rd December 2014

There were a couple of memorable moments I remember from my days as a smallholder when a particular song made a strong impression. I remember building a roof whilst listening to the Beatles' classic’Twist and Shout. I was bopping along with such gusto that I almost fell off the ladder.

On another dramatic occasion, the asbestos cladding of some buildings I was trying to burn down exploded. It was an extraordinary sight that must have been witnessed all around the village.  We came from the generation who had had their tails set alight by Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.  And when I saw the spectacular explosion, the thought that came into my mind was ‘Great Balls of Fire!’ It seemed to be symbolic of falling into a second childhood.

Are there any songs that have particularly powerful associations for you?

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