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What I like about spring-blog

What I like about spring

Spring brings with it a fresh sense of energy

Posted on: 24th April 2013

I wrote in another blog that autumn was my favourite time of year - but the charms of spring are also captivating.

This year, we in the UK had to wait longer than usual for spring to emerge, which has made the pleasure of its arrival even sweeter. I love spring. It is a time when all the energies stored up in the winter months burst out.

The young leaves are an inviting green. The birds put on their best plumage and the spring flowers have fresh, bright colours.

In my garden in Devon at the moment, I have some lovely white Trilliums just coming into bloom – and the local chaffinches look resplendent in their full mating plumage.

A hum in the air

In spring, there is a hum in the air as everything sets about making the best of the year to come. I have always thought that we should celebrate the New Year in the spring and not in midwinter.

Photo of Trilliums by Brewbooks


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