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Why I welcome China’s ‘awakening’-blog

Why I welcome China’s ‘awakening’

I welcome the increasing global influence of China

Posted on: 4th June 2013

Napoleon is supposed to have said 'Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world‘. I think he was wrong. China is waking and I welcome it.

In my view, China is still a Confucian society based on the values of harmony and learning. I once spent a day in China with a Chinese civil servant named Madam Xi. She and her husband had both been arrested by the Red Guard and sent to forced labour camps. They survived and found their way back to Beijing.

All she said of the experience was: 'So you see why we are sometimes worried by our students.'


When I asked her about Tibet, she gave me a little smile and said: “Of course there are questions about Tibet, but do you it is the British who should ask them?”

She was referring to the massacre by Younghusband on his march to Llasa in 1904.

China’s potential as a market

China will become a huge market, and many Chinese are learning the English language. In the end, production always responds to market 'pull'. The 'pull' from China for English material will further establish English as the dominant global written language.

Another positive thing about China is the marvellous art that is once again coming out of it. On my office walls are pictures in acrylic, pastel and watercolour that I bought online from a Chinese gallery as gifts for my children.They are reminders of the beauty and complexity of Chinese culture.

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