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What will we learn from the 500 new fairy tales?-blog

What will we learn from the 500 new fairy tales?

I'm delighted that 500 new fairy tales have been found in Germany

Posted on: 15th March 2012

The recent discovery of 500 new fairy tales in Germany is good news for anyone interested in folklore.  The tales were previously unknown, but I am sure that within this new find there will be some fascinating overlaps and parallels with folk tales that we already know about.

An excellent and interesting book called ‘World Tales’ was published some years ago, describing the similarities between folk tales around the world.   I was particularly interested by the similarities between Cinderella and a story from the Algonquin from Canada. 

These correspondences tie in to Jung’s idea of the ‘collective unconscious’ - but we don’t need to be mystical in any way to understand it.   Since however outlandish they seem, almost all folk stories stories find their way back to human nature and human behaviour.  And human beings, wherever they live, all have something - a lot- common.

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