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Why is reading out loud so important?-blog

Why is reading out loud so important?

When we read out loud we can employ greater colour through intonation, inflection and rhythm

Posted on: 22nd March 2012

Writing developed from speech, and in my opinion it is strongest when it retains this link. 

Why?  Because when you read aloud, there is much greater opportunity to employ intonation, inflection and rhythm.  I think of writing as putting down in black and white something that, in my mind,  is being spoken out loud.

Perhaps it’s the natural warmth and contact with another person that a human voice represents – but for whatever reason, I really think that reading aloud helps.  It’s something that has always been important to me.  I enjoyed reading to my children when they were growing up, and similarly I hugely looked forward to being read to in the evening when I was younger.  It used to take me into a world of fantasy which was different from my daily world. 

It was very liberating and stimulating – and I want other people to share that experience.

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